About The Collar Shop

All of the leather products we use at The Collar Shop are of the highest grade and quality. If you smell our leather items, they give you the aroma that you expect from a leather product. Other companies will use lower grade leathers that may have been tanned overseas, giving a fowl odor. All of our oiltans are USA tanned and are Top Grained Leather. This means the leather is the top layer of the hide, others may use a split hide that has been chemically changed or layered to give it the appearance of top grain, but this is not the same. The integrity of the leather is weaker and the product will not last. We pride ourselves on the quality of the products we use and the skills of our craftsmen.


The Collar Shop takes the time on all of our items to make them the best products out on the market. You’ll find there is no one on the market who can do what we do and to the quality in which we do it. Our production team also takes the time to cut the “fuzz” off of the edges of the product to give a smooth finished look. Also, we use colored dies to make the edging color match that of the top of the hide, thus not having a white or discolored edge like our competitors.


The leather we use to most is called an oiltan, which means it has been tanned once with a chromium salt to keep it from deteriorating. Then the color dies are added and The Collar Shop offers several colors of hides for customers to design and customize each order. Finally to give the hide its oily or waxy feel, the hide is coated with tallow. Our hides vary in size from 4-1/2 to 6 ounces. An ounce is the measurement the leather industry uses in the United States to determine the thickness of the hide. One ounce is equal to 1/64 of an inch. Oiltan is soft on the underside, yet the hide is thick enough to give it strength. The leather is flexible, yet strong, but may stretch over extended use. Choosing an inner lining and/or an outer layer which we sew on, will strengthen the item even further and prolong the life.  


The Collar Shop offers faux furs as inner linings or outer layers over a leather base strap. We take the time to round off the edges with scissors, thus giving a smooth and finished looking product. Our lambskin hides gives an item it’s uniquely special qualities of softness, rich colors and feel. It is easy to care for and stands up well to natural skin oil. The various colors of Suede we offer are supple and lush to the touch, adding a sense of luxury to your design. No matter what materials you choose, they all give each item distinct character.


In regards to the metal materials, we use hardware that has a non-flaking nickel finish over brass, nickel or steel depending on the item.


Every time you buy from The Collar Shop you know that you are buying a handcrafted, custom piece made to your specifications. All items have adjustability built in, so please be sure to read the FAQ on how to properly measure and order.


To see examples of our leather craftsmanship, please take a moment peruse our Gallery.