Fun, Sexy, Safety

Bondage cuffs are a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom. Whether you are new to the BDSM lifestyle or entrenched into the culture, safety is always important. You already know that pain and pleasure can go hand in hand, but no one wants to have a serious injury on their hands.

Some bondage cuffs of old caused abrasions that no one thought was hot. Metal bondage cuffs can dig into the skin causing a less than desirable experience. Unless having metal being dug into your skin is your thing (which is totally cool if it is) then you are looking for bondage cuffs that offer maximum restraint without leaving unsightly marks on your wrists.

Our modern bondage cuffs are lined with fur, which is a lot more exciting that a potential unwanted laceration waiting to happen. The sensation of fur on your wrists while your arms are being held back actually makes the whole experience much more exciting! The gentle touch of fur lined inside your custom made cuff is absolutely unreal.

The feel of fur or leather is not only exciting, but safe. Fighting back a little bit against the restraint shouldn’t be painful. Unlike metal hand cuffs, bondage cuffs allow you to squirm around without leaving marks on your wrists and arms.

Leather bondage cuffs also last longer, making them a better investment – couple that with them being totally customizable makes them the safest and sexiest types of restraints.

You know what’s also fun? Experimenting! Because there are so many different styles of bondage cuffs that we offer (at affordable prices) you can see which widths and styles you like without it costing an arm and a leg! And as the case with our comfy cuffs, it literally will not cost you your arms or legs.

Interested in getting affordable, comfortable and customizable bondage cuffs? Check out our customizer and see how we can help your experience pleasure you’ve never had before for a price that is just as pleasurable.